Blogging About The Good Life

Blogging About The Good Life

Val, Justin, and Janessa brainstorming ways to help people shop, save, and give.

Welcome to The Goodshop Blog!

We decided to make this blog because we felt that, amidst all the coupons and lifestyle posts out there, something important was missing. A void, if you will. You’ve all been there: scrolling through endless coupons on endless sites until your eyes go numb, wishing for just a touch of curation or inspiration. Or, the opposite experience of finding an interesting looking article, and clicking through to an old non-profit blog that hadn’t been updated since it was made in 1999. Given that we occupy such a unique intersection of culture, dealing with shopping, saving, and giving, we felt that we could put our heads together and come up with something new and exciting. Revolutionary, if you will. A blog that pontificates on cultural issues and also highlights the latest fashion and lifestyle deals. That list shopping tips and philanthropy tips. That talks both to the non-profits that give back, as well as the celebrities that support them.

Why work so hard to bring all these seemingly disparate elements of culture together under one roof? Because the numbers are in: 72% of Americans would prefer to spend money if they knew that it was going to be paying it forward. And companies are taking notice. That’s why brands like Warby Parker and Tom’s are so popular, it’s also why Goodshop works so well. Because (thankfully), in 2015, we’ve all decided that making the world a better place is not just an option— it’s a necessity. And Goodshop is right on board: we’ve donated nearly $12 million dollars since 2006, and all of it has been accrued by internet shoppers like yourself, paying it forward bit by bit through small online donations we fund when you shop.

We believe that all aspects of “The Good life” are important. And because all of the deals we feature on our site are Goodshop coupons, a percentage of each purchase will be donated to the non-profit of your choice. When you use Goodshop, you aren’t just shopping for yourself. You’re shopping for your principles, your passions, the things you care about most. The purchases you make here aren’t just investments in your style: they are also investments in our world.

And so, The Goodshop Blog was born: the perfect shopping-ish blog, where you’ll always be up to date on the latest exclusive deals, lifestyle inspiration, and non-profit news.

We’re here to help you bridge the gap between saving money and giving back.

And we’re here to help you do that in style.