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Yet Another Reason To Be Obsessed With Amy Poehler

In this series, Celebrity Campaign Crushes, we highlight A+ celebrities who make a big effort to use their power and influence for making the world a better place. Because, the world needs more role models.

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” – Amy Poehler, Mean Girls 2004

In their latest issue, Fast Company magazine named Amy Poehler as one of the 100 Most Creative People of 2015. Her brazen attitude towards a male-dominated industry and ability to evolve with new media, not only scored her the cover, but also an in-depth interview, where she spoke about being the Arts Ambassador for a nonprofit called Worldwide Orphans.

Whenever Poehler talks about WWO, the first things she mentions are her own kids– Abel and Archie. Since becoming a mother, Poehler has grown an innate connection to the plight of children, on a global scale. During her 2013 speech, for Variety’s Power of Women event, she asked the star-studded Beverly Hills audience to,

“Close your eyes and think about your children. If you have children, picture them. And if you don’t have children, think about yourself as a child. And think about the things that made you feel warm and happy and protected… Now open your eyes, and realize that there are so many children in the world who have nothing.”

Worldwide Orphans addresses the medical, social and educational needs of children living in orphanages in over 11 countries. Poehler became involved with the organization after meeting the founder, Dr. Jane Aronson, when the two were included in Glamour’s 12 Women of the Year. After becoming fast friends, Poehler began hosting the nonprofit’s galas and organizing fundraising events, like the Emmy Party- Losers Lounge with Jon Hamm, the Upright Citizen Brigade’s first comedy benefit show, and an auction for a tour of the Parks & Recreation set.

Yet Another Reason To Be Obsessed With Amy Poehler

Last year, Poehler went to Haiti for a week to spread joy to the orphans who have nothing, but hope. She danced, hugged, played, and painted with children of all ages in the town of Kenscoff, about 15 km south of Port-au-Prince. Dr. Aronson said that she was hardly seen without a child or two nestled into her body and bade very bittersweet good-byes when she had to return to the states.
If you want to help Amy Poehler use creativity to make a difference in the lives of orphans around the world, select Worldwide Orphans as your cause on Goodshop.