J. Crew and Xerces Team Up To Save The Bees

We’ve all been hearing about it for years: the bees are dying. But, the situation has gotten more dire than ever before– even Orange Is The New Black is talking about it!

While it might not seem like the most distressing news on your feed, the impact has some really serious consequences. Bees pollinate about one third of everything we eat and they are dropping by the thousands. If this doesn’t change, than we’ll lose the ability to naturally grow (and enjoy):

French fries
Burt’s Bees everything

So, what can we do to help save our favorite snacks and minty fresh products? The answer might surprise you.

The Xerces Society, an organization dedicated to the conservation of insects, just announced its partnership with clothing designer J.Crew. Together, the two organizations are teaming up to design an adorable line of buzz-worthy products that can help Xerces get the funding it needs to help keep the climate hospitable to our buzzing friends. 50% of the retail price of everything sold will be donated directly to Xerces, and free shipping is included. Whoever thought shopping could be so bee-neficial?

Here are some of the highlights of the collection:

A Darling Dancing Bee Tee

bee tee

Honeybees and little girls both communicate through dance. Keep your little one movin’ and groovin’ like the bees with this adorable dancing bee tee.

Golden Honeycomb Note Cards


Send a little razzle-dazzle to your own colony with these specialty Sugar Paper note cards. Great for Thank You notes, sympathy cards, and creating a buzz.

Baby Blue Bee Socks

bee socks

There are few things cuter than tiny baby socks, especially when they’re covered in tiny bees soaring through a blue sky.

Queen Bee Candles


Spread a little Joya throughout the house with a sweet-smelling honey-scented candle that any Queen Bee would love for her hive.

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