Deal With It: Summer Solstice Style

Every week , we partner with our favorite merchants to bring you the hottest deals for the upcoming week. Go ahead, spend a few bucks. We won’t tell.

Summer solstice is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Now is the best time to buy everything Summer: sandals, shorts, dresses, skin lotions. Good for you that we rounded up so many top-notch deals. Happy shopping, saving, and giving!

1. The Body Shop: Free Shipping On Orders Over $50, with a 6% non-profit donation!

Summer can be rough on skin and hair. Good thing that The Body Shop makes so many great, environmentally friendly, products that help protect you from the sun and sand. Get ’em while they’re hot!

2. Victoria’s Secret: Free Shipping, with a 1% non-profit donation!

No. 2 Victoria Secret
It is no secret that Victoria’s Secret has the hottest swimwear. The fabric they use fits like a glove, the prints are outstanding and the look is iconic. Give their catalogue a look-through, you won’t regret it.

3. The House Boardshop: 10% off Quicksilver, with up to a 4% non-profit donation!

Alt No. 3
The House Boardshop takes summer adventures seriously: They have everything you need to have fun on the water, bike trail, or out in the woods. Their summer sale is happening right now, and you can save even more by double dipping with this 10% off offer.

4. Roxy: Extra 20% Off!, with a 3% non-profit donation!

No. 4 Roxy
Make everyone else on the beach jealous with your great summer wear from Roxy. Rock the salty, sandy, and sun kissed look and smile knowing that you also invested 3% in your charity.

5. HUMAN: 10% Off!, with a 5% non-profit donation!

Alt No. 5
Summer time, for me, is about being active and outside. And there’s no better way to do that then while rocking a loose-fitting tank. Good thing HUMAN has so many cute ones to choose from.

6. Spartan Race: 10% Off, with up to $20 non-profit donation!

No. 6 Spartan Race
Completing an adventure like the Spartan Race run is a bucket-list item for me, and now that I can save 10%, it might actually become a reality. Plus, a $20 donation to the non-profit of my choice? Sign me up!

7. Boohoo: 40% Off Festival Wear, with a 5.5% non-profit donation!

No. 7 Boohoo
Festival season is in full swing. Make your look Instagram-perfect with a 40% off sale at—the British equivalent of Forever 21. We guarantee that you’ll be wearing something different than everyone else at this summer’s hottest concerts and festivals.

8. Modcloth: Free Shipping On Orders Over $50, with up to a 3.5% non-profit donation!

No. 8 Modcloth
Wedding? Sunday brunch with the parents? Drinks with the girls? Modcloth has got you covered. And now, with their Free Shipping sale, you can really splurge.

9. Old Navy: 20% Off, with a 3.5% non-profit donation!

Old Navy just knows how to make shorts. Classic and sturdy, their shorts are sure to last all Summer season— I recommend picking up a pair as soon as possible.

10. Sole Society: Up To 60% Off Shoes and Accessories, with a 6% non-profit donation!

Alt #2 No. 10
Summer means sandals! Lots and lots of sandals! Good thing that Sole Society has such an amazing sale going on right now, so you can stock up your entire closet (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

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