Celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month Right Meow!

The last day of June marks the end of Adopt-A-Cat month, a global event that aims to shed awareness about the proliferation of orphan cats and educate people on how to make responsible choices when they decide to become pet owners. At Goodshop, we support thousands of animal non-profits that specialize in the rescue and adoption of cats (check them all out here). But, as a company, we also go one step further, since many of us have our very own adopted cats. When I e-mailed out to the office asking people to send me pictures of their adopted cats, my inbox was full within minutes. Everyone had a cat to show me, and a story to tell about their favorite little feline critters. So, without further adieu, here is a compilation of the beloved and goofy Cats Of Goodshop. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you:

cat2, tracker
Cat: Talisker
Owner: Jill Scott, Curation Team
Bio: “His name is Talisker and he is a Scottish kitty. I adopted him at the Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home three years ago. Because of his white and gray coloring and crystal blue eyes I named him after the only Scotch whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye: Talisker. When I moved home last year, he came with me. We think he is a blue pointed rag doll. His favorite foods are bacon, chicken skin, shrimp, and eggs. His favorite color is red (true story). When not napping he enjoys meowing very loudly and watching the birds out the window.”


Cat: Roxy
Owner: Peter Anderson, Design Team
Bio: “This is Roxy. She was a Foster cat my family has been taking care of for a rescue shelter in Marin named Jake’s Place Cat Rescue. She will be adopted and go to her new home this next Tuesday. Sad face.”


Cat: Joey
Owner: Ken Wolf, Curation Team
Bio:” We adopted Joey a few years ago (’06) when he started hanging out in our backyard.  We think he was abandoned when a neighbor moved away. He was 2 years old when we found him and he already had all his shots and stuff.  So we kept him. As you know with cats, they don’t live forever, and Joey had quite a few medical issues as he got older. Joey was especially bummed when the new vet said “oh, he’s much older than what you were originally told.” All in all, we had him for 71/2 years and he was a fun, cool cat.”


Cat: Dr. Esteban Fur
Owner: Mia Judkins, Project Manager
Bio: “We adopted our lovely kitties from the SF SPCA 2.5 years ago. Their names are Dr Esteban Fur and Madame Zia Paws, but only one is pictured above.”

Cat: Tarçin
Owner: Lorelai Trammel, Curation Team
Bio: “I found Tarçin, a feral, in a park in İstanbul, among twenty or so fellow cats. I named him Tarçin, which means “cinnamon” in Turkish. He would approach me every time I walked by, and I would pet him and give him sandwich meat. He is a playful and energetic cat. One day I got home later than usual, and the normally empty park was full of old women playing with and feeding the cats. It is no wonder that Tarçin is so happy and friendly. He has a whole family to take care of him.”


Cat: Kittum
Owner: Kelsey Gerber, Affiliate Marketing Team
Bio: “Right after I graduated from college I moved back in with my parents and was a little bummed about entering the real world, so I decided I needed a friend. I found a local cat shelter in my area (Cat Adoption Team- on Goodshop!) and when I visited, was surprised by how many black cats they had. A woman who worked there told me that this is pretty common because of the superstitions people have with black cats and bad luck. I knew I needed to adopt one of the black kitties and fell in love with a little girl kitten. I adopted her in October 2011 and since then Kittum (very unoriginal name, I know) won the hearts of both of my parents (my dad hates cat and my mom claimed she was ‘allergic’ to cats her whole life) and is a little explorer who loves being outdoors, killing mice (sometimes rats), and walking on roofs. She doesn’t like to sit still, but if you put on a fuzzy robe, she will lay in your lap for hours.”

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