Goodshop Has A Hack, Hack, Hackathon!

“Glory! Riches! Honor! Beer! Hackathon!”  shouted Jillian Scott, product curator and leader of Hackathon. And so, Goodshop’s first company Hackathon began.

For those of you who may not know what a ‘Hackathon’ is, you are not alone. Unless you bode from the streets of San Francisco, or are a computer wiz in some other remote part of the world, you probably have never been exposed to the legend of the Hackathon… so, without further adieu, let me explain:

A Hackathon is a collaborative event that is put together in order for people to gather ideas and work really fast to create them. If you want to get all tech-y, it’s basically a multi-day race in which developers create and/or build upon a new app/web service and win prizes. However, the Hackathon at Goodshop wasn’t just about creating and winning a prize; it was about coming up with ideas that would help grow the company and help others. It was also a great way for fellow coworkers to mingle and work on something that wasn’t part of their normal routines. Plus, there was delicious food served everyday, because that is an important part of the Hackathon culture.

Goodshop Has A Hack, Hack, Hackathon!

The mural painting team at Goodshop’s Hackathon, in front of their mural!

The 40+ employees at the Goodshop office in San Francisco broke off into 13 teams, and spent three days huddled in their corners, working on their individual projects. The projects were incredibly diverse: from painting a life-size mural in the ping pong room, to writing code for a “coupon robot” that could autonomously verify coupons online, to visualizing the history of the company into an animated story, to fixing errors in our CMS system. Goodshop is an awesome place to work because it’s so dynamic, and there are so many combined interests working together everyday. This meant that the Hackathon was not just productive, but it was also fun. People were in the office working on their projects nearly 24/7, and the results showed. Since last week’s Hackathon, four of the projects have already been implemented on the site, and there are more in the works!

But enough of that– who were the winners? Well, all the projects were presented on the last day, and each one was scored for five different categories, including usability, application, innovation, and it’s capacity to “do good.” The results were tallied, and four lucky groups got to take home their silly, I mean, awesome trophies.

The winners were:
Justin and Erica, for the “Beautiful Disaster” homepage template that they designed.

Stephen, for his AI “Cood Bot”: A good coupon robot that can autonomously verify coupons, thereby saving our coupon curators hours of works.

Goodshop Has A Hack, Hack, Hackathon!  Goodshop Has A Hack, Hack, Hackathon!

Scott and Jill Awarding The Winning Pizza Trophy for the “Fast and Cheap” Applicability Award.

Pablo and Dan, for their “CMS Smash”– a series of much needed tweaks to our Content Management System (many of which have been put in place!), like adding infinite scroll to certain templates, and mixing and matching different important buttons.

and John, for his development of “Fancy Search”– which offers users of our site the ability to search for more specific things on our website, like specific merchants, products, and donation rates.

All in all, it was a great experience. The best part? Peter and Thomas painted all the columns in our main office-space in wacky colors, and we get to see them while we work, every day. So, though Hackathon has ended, we will always remember it. Onwards and upwards!

This post was written with the help of Jillian Rodrigo.