Non-profit Crush of The Week: Kids & Art Foundation

Every month we bring you stories about non-profits around the country that we’ve been crushing on. Enjoy tales of innovation, inspiration, and full-throttle energy as you read about the hard-working people who have dedicated their lives to keeping society just. If you’re looking for a non-profit to support with all your Goodshop savings— you’re in the right place. 

“Whether we like or not, kids do get cancer. We might not be able to take their cancer away but we can definitely be there for them through that journey.”

— Purvi Shah, Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art Foundation is a Bay Area non-profit that supports families affected by childhood cancer through creative healing events. These art-making events are facilitated by local artists, and emphasize creativity and fun. They also function as a place for families to create lasting memories with children who are terminally ill. Auctions are held for the art that the kids make, and all the proceeds are re-directed back into their programming. By selling the children’s artwork, K&A canonizes them and allows them to help others affected by cancer. I was lucky enough to volunteer at one of these extravaganzas a few weeks ago, held at the Google HQ, and was blown away by the energy and joy that the room was generating. As someone who has always felt very connected to art, and has experienced multiple family members battling cancer, I was particularly affected by the experience.


Volunteers from all different artistic backgrounds came together to create one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever attended. The art varied from drawing comic strips to melting crayons to creating collages. I was stationed at a the “Watercolor Resist” table with a lovely artist named Wynne. We drew flowers in crayon then splashed them with watercolors, making a glorious mess. Everyone was having a great time running around, smiling, and creating art. You couldn’t tell who had cancer and who didn’t. Kids just got to be kids.

Working at the Watercolor Resist station at the Google HQ’s Kids & Art Foundation event last month!

We at Goodshop are so inspired by the work that Kids & Art Foundation is doing, and have made a small bonus donation in their name. Currently, Kids & Art has 212 supporters on Goodshop– I encourage you to go check them out, and connect with them as your selected non-profit. That way, every time you shop online, you’ll be contributing to the important creative health work that they are doing. I’ve included a list of all the work they hope to accomplish in 2015: help them make it a reality!


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