A Whale Of A Show: Cecil The Lion & Others Projected On Empire State Building (video)

“Projecting Change: The Empire State Building”

The 102-story Empire State Building was aglow with the faces of extinction for three hours last Saturday. Cecil the lion, elephants, blue whales, gorillas, manta rays, and insects of all varieties were in attendance. The stunning presentation of biodiversity was created in collaboration by the Oceanic Preservation Society, filmmakers of the upcoming documentary “Racing Extinction“, and Obscura Digital. Called a “weapon of mass construction” by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, the show was a message to the public that we are in the midst our sixth great extinction. If we don’t do something soon, these magnificent creatures will be gone forever. Enjoy the show below, and then, check out the Oceanic Preservation Society, as well as other anti-extinction nonprofits on Goodshop, to see how you can get involved in this race against the clock.





Check out the whole three hour show below.

32:41 Show Begins
36:46 Cecil the Lion
43:41 King Kong Climb

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