10 Best Iphone Cases For Back To School

There’s no better accessory than a snazzy phone case. I would even wager that a good phone case beats out a fancy hair-cut or stylish bag, in matter of Important Things To Have, given that you look at your phone a good 300% more often than you look at anything else that you own. In fact, I bet you’re looking at your phone right now. (Gotcha!)

Now that we’ve established that your relationship with your phone has replaced all else in your life (sad face), some important questions need to be asked. Such as, how do you feel about your phone case? Does it bring you to magical places, make you think of wonderful things? Do you feel like a goddess when you whip it out on the subway, does it bring you joy when all else feels muddy and blue? If the answer to any of these questions was “no” then I suggest– nay, I demand– that you take a serious look through the following list of stylin’ Iphone case selections, and remedy your situation immediately. Your happiness may depend on it. (Plus, when you make any purchases off our blog, we’ll kickback a small donation to our charity of the month!)

iphone1Sonix Bahama Iphone 6 Case ($35) from Urban Outfitters. 6% donation.
For those with paradise on the brain, indulge your luxe fantasies with this fun n’ flirty palm frond deco. Points if you actually get to the Bahamas before year’s end.


Recover Natural Shell Iphone 6 Case ($40) from Urban Outfitters. 6% donation.
Oh My Mother of Pearls! These layers of shimmering turquoises, pinks, purples, and minty greens are sure to keep you feeling like a mermaid queen.


Recover Indigo Print Iphone 6 Case ($38) from Urban Outfitters. 6% donation.
Rorschach called: they want their coolest ink print back.


Native Union Clic Wooden Iphone 6 Case ($40) from Urban Outfitters. 6% donation.
Sleek and minimalist, a case for the feminine lumbersexual in all of us. But be warned: if you tote this around, people will definitely mistake you for una artiste moderne’.


Kate Spade New York Romantic Spring Floral ($29.99) from Macy’s. 1.5$ donation.
Florals that will make your Grandma’s eyes bulge.


Kate Spade New York Embellished Pineapple Resin ($45) from Macy’s. 1.5% donation.
I’m bringing Pina Colada back. And makin’ it 3-D.


Lush Floral/Beaming Orchid ($22.99) from Target.
Turn your phone into a fauna oracle: delight in the trippy visuals, the water-color softness, the vibrancy of nature.


Belkin Dana Tanamachi Floral in Red/White ($24.99 ) from Target.
Soak your Iphone in Tropical Punch (preferably the Capri Sun variety), then leave it out to dry in the mid-August sun. Rinse, repeat.


Vera Bradley Glitter Snap On Case ($27.99) from Macy’s. 1.5% donation.
Marimekko meets Meryl The Muralist meets Your Iphone.


Ted Baker London ‘Silke’ Case ($39.99) from Nordstrom’s. 3% donation.
Fool everyone into thinking you’ve traveled all over the Old Country, and then made it back in time for tea.

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