Celebrate World Elephant Day With These 9 Hilarious GIFs

It’s World Elephant Day! A day to celebrate our long nosed friends who remember it all.

giphy (9)

And boy, do they need celebrating. Over the past couple decades, our beloved friends have come closer to extinction than ever before. Poaching, habitat destruction, and the global ivory trade are huge threats to the life, and sanity, of our four-ish legged friends. But elephants won’t let that get them down!

How to celebrate World Elephant Day, elephant style:

giphy (16)Wave your streamers high! It’s World Elephant Day!

giphy (20)The beach is always a great place to celebrate.

giphy (14) But if you’re a homebody,  just splash around in the backyard.

giphy (18)Gather your friends to play some plaids vs. plaids soccer.

giphy (19)This guy forgot his plaid.

giphy (17)After all this celebrating, end the day with a nice long mud bath.

giphy (15)Squad out!

To celebrate World Elephant Day all year round, support Elephant Aid International on Goodshop!

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