The Struggle Is Real: Choosing A Goodshop Nonprofit To Support

While the shopping, saving, and giving with Goodshop is super easy–

deciding which nonprofit to earn donations for can be kind of, well, overwhelming.

giphy (3)

You see a cause you care about, but then scroll down, only to see twenty more that need your help.


They’re all looking at you like….

giphy (23)

So, before you can make any choices, you have to do a little soul searching to figure out what you care about the most. Animals? Children? Health? Poverty? Like I said: SOUL SEARCHING.

giphy (32)

Once that’s been settled, you have to search online for other people who care about the same things as you.

giphy (22)

Once you find them, you gotta reach out and ask if they need any help.

giphy (2)

And then they’re like…

giphy (27)

PHEW! Now that you’ve gone through that whole heroes journey, it’s smooth sailing as you work together to raise free donations by shopping online.

giphy (1)


giphy (25)

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