Nonprofit Crush of The Week: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Anyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries knows that Damon Salvatore is a cruel and arrogant sadist. Offscreen, the man behind the fangs (actor Ian Somerhalder) couldn’t be more different. In fact, this dreamy vamp is responsible for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation— a nonprofit devoted to fixing the coastal environment that was wrecked by BP’s Gulf Oil Spill in 2010. This is an environmental issue particularly close to Somerhalder’s heart because it happened right in his backyard.

One of ISF’s biggest initiatives is the the Emergency Medical Grant for Animals, wherein grants are given to agencies and individuals who need monetary help rehabilitating animals. Since 2014, ISF has helped around 300 animals around the country with lifesaving grants.

Animals have an exquisitely poignant way of teaching us, through demonstration, how to love and be loved. We learn compassion, as well as expand our perception of the infinite connection to the environment around us, from our creature friends–whether they are furry and lick us, or slither and swim. We owe it to these creatures to provide protection, healing and love. That is exactly why I am so proud that the IS Foundation has launched our first grant program — the Emergency Medical Grant for Animals. – Ian Somerhalder, 2014

Ian’s fame brings a variety of supporters for the organization. Supporters range from little kids donating their tooth fairy and lemonade stand money to adults Goodshopping online to raise donations.

Last year, ISF supporters raised almost $2,000 in free donations by using Goodshop. That’s $2,000 towards saving our environment and wildlife raised effortlessly while people shopped online. I talked to Katie Evans, the ISF board secretary, and she confirmed what I had suspected: the money raised by Goodshoppers last year is enough to fund an entire animal rehabilitation grant.

Somerhalder is truly an inspiration, as are the stories of all the animals that he works so hard to save. Some of my favorites:


Demetrius cropped
Victim of domestic abuse.


Orphaned at 3 days old.


Surrendered to a sanctuary with ingrown nails.


Found roadside after being hit by a car.

Ian works so hard to help out the coast because he believes in the interconnectedness of all aspects of the Earth, and understands the value of any and all acts of good-will. To help support his foundation, choose Ian Somerhalder Foundation as your cause on Goodshop. If anything, do it for that smile 😉

giphy (30)

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