11 Creative Hacks For D.I.Y Succulent Planters

When I was nineteen I bought a grass plant because I wanted to feel responsible, and then slowly watched it die over the course of one of New York’s hottest summers. While I want to blame the heat (over 100 degrees for weeks), I know that the deafening temperatures weren’t the reason for my plant’s untimely death. The reason it died was because I was terrible at taking care of it. At the time, I was barely able to feed myself every day, so how was I supposed to remember with my thirsty lil’ grassman?

This is why, after moving to the West Coast, I’ve been delighted to meet the plantmate of my dreams: succulentes agavoideae. These hearty quasi-cacti are the perfect housemates. All you need to do to get their lives started is: plop one of their limbs into a pile of dirt or stones and add occasional water. Seriously, that’s it. They can survive in almost any container, which makes decorating with them extra fun. Don’t have any real plant containers? Who cares– when you can use wine corks, mason jars, egg shells, and teacups! I recommend getting yourself some succulents, rummaging through your neighbor’s recycling bins, and then having yourself a little D.I.Y party. Don’t forget to send in pictures– I’d love to see what you come up with!

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