Real Deals: 7 Ways To Keep Enjoying Beach Season

Summer season may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean that your beach outings have to end. Whether you’re relaxing on the white sands of Waikiki or hanging out at the local pool, these seven accessories are an invaluable addition to to any water-side lounging. We’ve included our favorite Goodshop deals, so that you can save and give with every purchase. Just be sure not to exert yourself too much…beachfront strolls can be exhausting.

1. RESERVED Printed Beach Towel, $23.50

1. towel

Worried that someone is going to nab your prime lounge spot? They won’t once you stake your territory with this monogrammed beach towel. Made from 100% cotton and a full 64” long, this cozy swatch of terrycloth will ensure that you’re lounging in luxury.

For additional use, feel free to buy several and place them in prime places around your house. Is your husband thinking about plopping down in the prime living room chair or the seat at the head of the dining table? Once he’s spots this Pottery Barn classic, he’ll think again.

2. SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II, $199.95

2. speakers

My friend recently brought these speakers to the beach and they were a huge hit. The sound quality is awesome, they’re super compact, and, best of all, they connect wirelessly to your devices. What’s more, the rechargeable battery lasts up to ten hours. This is the best value out there for on-the-go speakers.

3. Zazendi Palm Beach Swim Bag Set, $60

3. swimsuitbag

You know that moment when you pull your bathing suit out of your beach bag and everything is wet? Your clothes, your wallet, you awesome new SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II? Stop that moment from happening with this adorable, water resistant set of swim bags. With separate swimsuit, flip-flop, and swim trunks bags, these cotton carry-alls will make you the envy of the beach.

4. Pizza Slice Pool Float, $55

4. pizza

There are three ways to have a pizza party in the ocean. The first is to hang out on a boat and eat pizza. The second is to hang out in the water and eat pizza. The third, my personal favorite, is to hop on this pepperoni-topped floatie and see where the tides take you. The slices even come with special linking mechanisms so that you can connect them to make a full pie. You say it’s cheesy? I say olive it.

5. Yoga Mat Flip Flop, $32

5. flipflop

If yoga mats are always comfortable and flip flops are sometimes comfortable, what does that say about yoga mat flip flops?

I’m not really sure. But I have owned these yoga mat Sanuk flip flops for many years and can assure you that they’re the most comfortable flips flops out there. Slip them on and let your feet sink into a many layers squishy softness. Your toes with love you for it.

6. Picnic Time® Turismo Insulated Backpack Cooler, $53.99

6. cooler

This cooler has everything going for it—it’s stylish, insulated, and super portable. The backpack design makes it extremely easy to carry and insulated compartments will keep your food cool for hours. Picnic, here we come!

7. Aloe Starter Kit, $25

7. aloe

Soothe sunburnt…er..sun-kissed skin with The Body Shop’s line of calming aloe skincare products. This comprehensive kit includes facial cleanser, toner, and two types of cream. It just begs one question: where is your spa water?

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