These 6 Amazing Models Are Redefining What ‘Beautiful’ Means. And We Like It.

The time has come again where people from all over the world flock to NYC for the glitz and glam of New York Fashion Week. The most exciting rumors on the runway this year are that the fashion elite have continued to open their doors to those who don’t fit the Kendall Jenner / Gigi Hadid definition of “perfection”. One of the most triumphant moments in fashion history since the appearance of the LBD, happened yesterday when 18-year old Madeline Stuart, who has Down Syndrome, strutted down the runway with a chiseled man on each arm. And she freaking slayed.

This changing ideology about what it means to be beautiful, and who gets to perform that beauty, is a huge win for us all. I can’t think of a better way for the Fashion industry to put its energy, resources, and fame into helping us all love ourselves a little bit more. Without further adieu: the models!

Madeline Stuart in Hendrik Vermeulen Couture


This 18-year old Australian model is making headlines around the world because she’s one of the first people with Down Syndrome to ever deign the runway. People are calling it a “Cinderella Story”, but let’s get real, this is the Madeline Story.

Choose to support Autism Society of America when you Goodshop.

Leslie Irby in Archana Kochhar

Leslie Irby

2014 winner of Ms. Wheel Chair Georgia was looking FIERCE in this FTL Moda Spring Collection dress. A golden peach if I’ve ever seen one.

Choose to support American Association of People with Disabilities when you Goodshop.

Ashley Graham in Addition Elle

via popsugar

Who says you have to be a size 2 to be an underwear model? Not Ashley Graham. This size 16 stunner hit the runway today IN HER OWN LINE. That’s right my friends, we have ourselves a double threat- model and designer.

Shaholly Ayers in Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

Shaholly Ayers
via trendpriviemagazine

Shaholly may not be the first amputee to walk the runway, but she’s definitely the first to strut her stuff without the help of prosthetics. But, let’s face it, no one is looking at your arms when you’re wearing a dress like that!

Winnie Harlow (Feb. NYFW) in Desigual

via promiflash

Remember when you fell in love with Winnie last Feb. wearing Desigual’s new collection? Me, too. Her flawless skin is caused by a condition called vitiligo, which goes perfectly with that dress.

Choose to support American Vitiligo Research Foundation when you Goodshop.

Hari Nef (Feb. NYFW) in Adam Selman


I’m feeling an Amy Winehouse (RIP) meets 50’s minx vibe from this trans glam model. And I like it! More beehives people!

Choose to support The Trevor Project when you Goodshop.

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