These Cute Internet Animals Also Donate To Charity

Admit it: you love silly animal memes.

We all spend hours fawning over the underdogs, fluffballs, and disabled pigs of the Internet. For many of us without real pets, these virtual pals fill the big furry hole in our hearts. I mean, they’re always there for you, ESPECIALLY when you’re having a bad day. Feeling blue? Just watch a video of Henri the existential cat to put life into perspective.

Like most celebs, our favorite Internet animals turn into philanthropists once they’ve reached a certain amount of fame. From animal shelters to children’s hospitals, these seven internet animal celebrities all donate a portion of their “fame” to causes that are very close to my heart. Next time you need to wind down from a long day by spamming your friends with Grump Cat memes, at least you can feel good knowing that you’re inadvertently supporting a cause while you do.

Here’s a list of my seven favorite Internet animal celebs and the nonprofits they support:

Chris P. Bacon


Chris has been sizzling across the Internet for years. Two years ago, he came out with his first book, “My Life So Far”. When the book was released, he decided to donate a portions of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Children’s Aid Society, & Read to Grow. Everyone knows that bacon and books are a killer combo!

Boo The Dog 


Dubbed “The World’s Cutest Dog”, Boo the dog is an international sensation. He has over 17 MILLION Facebook followers and 39.5K followers on Instagram. For his eighth birthday, he crowdsourced over $30K for Charity:Water. The previous year, he fundraised for the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital’s Pet Therapy program as his birthday present. Beats the heck out of a squeaky toy if you ask me!

Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat meme

Grumps is probably the most famous cat on the Internet, but she doesn’t care. But the SFSPCA? That’s something she cares about. Last year, I was lucky enough to see Grumpy Cat in all of her glory at the unveiling of the Macy’s windows in San Francisco. Donations were raised for SFSPCA and patrons, like myself, swarmed the fundraiser to catch a glimpse of this famous cat IRL.

Lil Bub


Lil BUB has a big heart. He started the Lil BUB BIG Fund for the ASPCA one year ago and it has been a huge success. Through proceeds from Lil BUB’s web store, in-person appearances, and other types of Lil BUB events, as well as from direct donations through a special donations link on, he was able to raise over $200K for the ASPCA. 100% of funds collected are distributed as grants by the ASPCA to animal welfare organizations across the country to help homeless pets with special needs. Go BUB!

Tuna (Melts My Heart) 


Tuna is the best friend you never knew you wanted: funky and cute with great style and a gentle soul. Being a rescue, he spreads his support to local pet adoption centers and animal rescues around the country, including the Best Friends Animal Society. And like Grumps, Tuna used his IRL tours to raise money for shelters and gave them the opportunity to be sponsored through his tour.

Henri, Le Chat Noir


As both a francophile and faux existentialist, Henri is my favorite Internet animal celebrity. The videos he narrates describe the inner existential musings of all cats, and are spot on. He has a quick wit, sharp tongue, and t-shirt you can buy that 100% of proceeds go to local shelters and animal welfare organizations. So buy his shirt. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter to Henri. Nothing matters to Henri.

Toast (Meets World)

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.48.09 AM
via @toastmeetsworld Instagram

Toast is a very special celeb to us here at Goodshop because she’s a Goodshopper herself! Last year, she supported Goodshop Sunday, a holiday shopping event in November that offers double donations and exclusive savings. And, as if that isn’t enough, when you buy her “French Toast” tote, proceeds are donated to puppy mill awareness campaigns.

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