Need New Shoes? Look To The Stars.

Online shoe shopping can be overwhelming, to say the least. The Internet is vast. So vast. And very, very full of shoes.

If you feel unsure of how to chose between slip-on black flats with a signature embellished buckle and mesh black flats with a Pavé crystal buckle, you’re not alone. What about leather inserts? Pointed skimmer toes? Tonally topstiched collars? At what point does it allsortofstarttosoundthesame??

Most importantly, where is a girl to seek guidance in these times of uncertainly? Vogue? Marie Claire? Her mother?

I’d like to suggest a more, um, unorthodox source of inspiration; look to the stars.

Runway trends may come and go, but astrology is timeless. And, mercury is retrograde until October 9th. Take of that what you will.



Sophia Webster Chiara Butterfly Wing Sandal ($580) from Neiman Marcus

Aries are the trendsetters of the zodiac. They aren’t afraid to take a gamble, even when it comes to fuchsia butterfly wings and four inch heels. Like a true Aries, these pumps are anything but subtle.



Pons Avarcas Metallic Sandal ($54) from Urban Outfitters

Taurus loves to indulge in a little bit of luxury. Okay, maybe a lot of luxury. In any case, these golden kicks are just right for the comfort-oriented earth sign. These glossy leather sandals play into Taurus’ deeply tactile nature.



‘Worldie’ Wedge Sandal ($75) from Nordstrom

Gemini has an eye for the edgy. No matter the circumstances, we can be sure that Gemini will steer clear of fashion doldrums. What’s more, Topshop’s juxtaposition of wood and metallic, retro and futuristic, plays into Gemini’s distinctly dualistic nature.



‘Hippy’ Platform Wedge Sandal ($50) from Nordstrom

Cancer experiences the world on a deeply personal level. Creative and empathic, these home-oriented souls aren’t afraid to bear their emotions. As individuals with deep roots, cancers derive inspiration from a garden motif.



Christian Louboutin Lumir Suede Red Sole Pump, Black ($1,095) from Neiman Marcus

The Zodiac’s supreme diva, Leo thrives in the the spotlight. And yes, Leo, you can be sure that these black suede pumps will catch everyone’s eye. What’s more, Christian Louboutin’s signature red soles hint at the lion’s fiery side.



Steve Madden Flute Woven Sandals ($59) from Macy’s

Detail oriented Virgo does sweat the small stuff. For this reason, those born under the sign are inclined to seemless details and understated styles. These woven sandals are in keeping with Virgo’s unassuming demeanour.



Saint Laurent Suede d’Orsay 105mm Pump ($645) from Neiman Marcus

Like a Libra, these classy black pumps add a dash of harmony to all situations. Despite the five inch heel, even-keeled Libra would never lose her balance.



Valentino Shiny Fever Ankle-Wrap Sandal ($1,095) from Neiman Marcus

For Scorpios, ambiguity is an afterthought. But what Scorpios may lack in subtlety, they make up for in dynamism. Like a true Scorpio, these shoes don’t shy from contrast.



Frye ‘Veronica Combat’ Boot ($277) from Nordstrom

The travelers of the zodiac, Sags need to shoe that can go where they go. Soft and sturdy, these lace-up boots are tough enough to accompany Sags on any adventure.



Topshop Bingo Chelsea Boot ($65) from Topshop

Hardworking Capricorns gets what they want—and what they wants right now may just be super cute and affordable ankle boots. Classy and versatile, these rust-colored booties are ideal for Capricorn’s down-to-earth lifestyle.



Bella Vita Lake Shooties ($100) from Macy’s

Whatever you do, don’t try to hold Aquarius back—nothing stands between her and her freedom. These breathable wedges are perfect for the on-the-move air sign.



Kathy Ghillie Point Shoe ($115) from Topshop

Patient and gentle, pisces are dreamers. Currently dreaming about shoes? If so, dream big. These blush-colored flats are well worth the wait.

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