This Formerly Homeless Artist Raised $1000 With Goodshop

From homelessness to Helmut Lang, Angela Lowden knows how to hustle. This past year alone, she has raised $1,000 for her arts nonprofit, Art Expression, by using Goodshop coupons.

I was so inspired by Lowden’s story when I spoke to her: the way she speaks about using art to help children build confidence reminds me of when I was growing up and turned to art for solace.

As a homeless youth, Lowden learned how to take her life into her own hands. She worked, went to school, hustled, and, like so many of us, turned to art when she needed an escape. As soon as she was stable and able, she started giving back to the arts community because she felt the benefit firsthand. In 2007, she created the nonprofit Art Expression, to help children from all walks of life escape from the daily stresses into artistic bliss. Lowden believes that fashion is art, which is why she has been so successful raising donations through Goodshop. She sees it as an opportunity to use her passion for fashion to fund the social good that she’s doing.

This Formerly Homeless Artist Raised $1000 With Goodshop

The Artist/Activist/Humanitarian Angela Lowden

Lowden is a sculptor, painter, and seasoned interior designer. She went to the Arts Institute of Pittsburg and after carving out a career as a designer, she felt compelled to give back. Art Expression started as a pilot program in 2001 that served over 7,000 children in PA. It took six years for them to become an official nonprofit, but it was worth the wait.

Art help me gain strength and find the confidence to be able to express myself. It calmed me, made me feel more level, more whole. – Angela Lowden

Art Expression serves children who need art the most: The Outsiders. Anyone who doesn’t know where they fit in and are struggling with the stresses of life are accepted at Art Expression. Homeless children, military youths, and LGBTQ youth can come and build confidence by creating art. Art Expression strives to help children feel okay with whomever they are, regardless of societal standards. It’s a place where any kid can just be a kid. Messy, laughing, covered in paint. Happy.

Lowden is also a great lover of high fashion, and so she is able to easily apply her artistic mindset to her wardrobe. Her passion for fashion (which she sees as an art form) gives her an opportunity to use Goodshop coupons in a way that both saves her money AND gets her to give back. So, who are Lowden’s favorite designers? 

“Alexander McQueen (RIP <3 ), Jean Paul Gautier, and Stella McCartney.” She paused on McCartney and said, “Stella McCartney is a great humanitarian fashion designer. She protects animals by always using fake fur and supports the environment. Best of all, she’s super talented. Love her father, too!” – Angela Lowden

Within one year of using Goodshop everytime she shopped, Lowden was able to raise over $1,000 for Art Expression. These effortless donations raised through Goodshop mean that she is able to fund 50% of a 6-week art class for young displaced children at her nonprofit. Imagine if we were all shopping for Art Expression too? Free arts education for everyone!