20 Cutest Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is this weekend, and the only thing more important than your costume is your baby’s costume. Will you dress them up like a carrot? A zombie? A lobster peeping from a pot? Here are our 20 favorite baby costume ideas. And remember: when you buy any of these through Goodshop, not only will you save big, but you’ll also donate!

So Cute You’ll Eat Them Up

Babies are difficult to resist as they are.  But in these costumes they are absolutely delicious.


Carrigan the Carrot Infant Smile ($11.99) from ShinDigz.


Cotton Candy Costume ($69.00) from Pottery Barn Kids

326823be4035b088ebf0b4979da3fc4cSpirit Halloween Lil’ Hot Dog Bunting Costume ($21.99) from Spirit Halloween

0806f0712345db9e82a7d112758356c1Lobster Bunting Infant Costume ($19.99) Spirit Halloween.

Party Animal

The two cutest things in this world are babies and animals.  Bring them together for an eclipse of cuteness.

ft_halloween04fish_sqGiggly Goldfish Infant Costume ($54.99) Spirit Halloween


Baby Zebra Costume ($47) from Pottery Barn Kids

casey-the-caterpillar-newborn-bunting-image5Casey the Catepillar Newborn Costume ($15) from Shindigz


Baby Funny Owl Costume ($54.95) from Costume Kingdom


Kids Swan Costume ($69) from Pottery Barn

Halloween Classics

These standards are a fail-proof recipe for adorable.


Tom Arma Black Cat ($29.95) Halloween Express


Infant Bat Costume ($37.99) Halloween Express


Toddler Pumpkin Costume ($13.95) from Dress The Part

494a20e9811f7d2a605c1ae434a5236fMonster’s Bride Costume ($34.99), Pottery Barn Kids

Youngest Professional

These costumes will make you hope your baby will never grow up so that they may remain this cute for all eternity.


 Future Fisherman Toddler Costume ($39.49) from Spirit Halloween

infant-astronaut-costume-frontJunior Astronaut Costume ($48.99) from Personalization Universe

toddler-tycoon-gangster-costumeChild Tycoon ($19.99) from Costume Hunters

k2-_4bfa399f-66fc-4fe6-a197-354a55017a98.v1Junior Fire Fighter Suit ($22.60) from Halloween Mall


Train Costume ($69.00) from Pottery Barn Kids