Money-Saving Monday: How to Save for a Summer Vacation

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Welcome to The Goodshopper’s Money-Saving Monday roundup! We’ve curated the best of the web to bring you can’t-miss reads.

We found articles about saving for a summer vacation, creating a budget for the first time, what to do about those big purchases, and more.

Money-Saving Monday | Our weekly curated links, sharing the best of the web to help you save money and live the good life. Click through to learn more.

Top 5 Money-Saving Articles

Eight Weeks to the Summer Vacation You Didn’t Think You Could Afford: Week One — Think you couldn’t get away this summer? Think again! [Family Travel on a Shoestring]

How to Enjoy Summer Without Breaking the Bank — It doesn’t have to be a cruel, cruel summer. Click through for great tips. [BlogHer | My Life on a Whim]

8 Questions to Always Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Purchase — Don’t let the big ones stress you out too much. Here are some helpful questions to ask first. [Wise Bread]

How to Make a Budget for Living On Your Own — Budgets don’t have to be daunting. Learn tips to figure out where all the money goes. [MintLife]

Two Easy Ways Beginners Can Get Started Investing — Save for the future. There’s no time like the present to start planning. [Femme Frugality]


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