Raising Well

In this modern age of a world so connected that virtually anything’s possible, the internet gave birth to something that defies the corporate norms so violently, it’s sent all ideas of what it means to start a business into a freefall tumble.

I’m referring, of course, to crowdfunding.

Kickstarter and GoFundMe have completely redefined what it means to… be a startup, have an idea, give birth to a business… you name it. Yes, asking strangers on the internet for money has changed the face of how this planet does business… Woah. Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

But… what if you didn’t have to ask anyone for any money at all? What if, instead, you saved them money?

And what if I said it was already possible.


Yes. This is the reality of Goodshop Give: the first ever shopfunding tool for everyone.

Goodshop has earned millions for charities of all sizes. But now, you can raise funds for anything you can imagine through Goodshop Give. Whatever expense you want to cover, just create a campaign with a goal amount and share it via email or social media with anyone you’d like.

There’s coupons and deals for every store you can imagine. And a portion of every purchase will be donated directly to the campaign you created, whether your goal is reached or not.

Guys, do you know what this means?

This means there is no limit to how much free money can be earned through this new platform. Really, the idea of “cheating” or “hacking” the amount you can raise from this tool has absolutely no limits. Go crazy!

So… it’s new, it’s a way to make money that’s free for everyone and all you have to do is create a new Goodshop Give campaign. Sign me up!

Start Your Own Goodshop Give Campaign

Get Clinique Coupons

Get Converse Coupons

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