7 Kittens We Need in Our Lives Right Now

Need some serious awwwww in your life?

We at Goodshop are in love with our animals. At one point, our motto was basically “We love kittens and puppies,” so you’ve got to figure we’ve got some animal lovers here. In fact, starting next week, our San Francisco office will officially become dog-friendly!

Now, we’re pretty pumped to have some new furry friends in our office every day, but boy, wouldn’t it be better if we got to bring kittens too?! Here’s a few friends to brighten your day


I’ve never been this far away from mom!

source: reddit.com/u/akristacrat


So… I’m a ballerina now?….. Sure…

source: reddit.com/u/kitten-little

Play dress up and get whatever your cat needs at PetSmart.


You’re mine and we will cuddle forever like this.

source: reddit.com/u/splintercellpr0


Owl love you forever!

source: reddit.com/u/-ag-


Oh, hello, little deer. Boop.

source: reddit.com/u/reddit4568


More like A Dance with Adorable!

source: reddit.com/u/everydayimjocelyn


Bonus! Lion cub in leaves!

source: reddit.com/u/linkinstreet

Keep your pets health current and affordable with PetCareRx.

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