Who We Are

You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is Goodshop? And how does it help so many non-profits every single day?”


We brought our friend Mr. Whiskers in to help us tell our story. Mr. Whiskers is a hybrid tabby cat who was recently rescued by the SPCA in San Francisco, just a few blocks from where the Goodshop offices are located. It costs about $60 to get Mr. Whiskers into tip-top adoptable shape, but we all know how busy and under-paid animal shelters are—especially local ones. But, unlike most shelter cat stories, this one doesn’t have a sad ending. And that’s largely due to Becky, a Goodshopper, who went to Costa Rica last summer with her sister Emily, and decided to use Goodshop for all of her purchases. We’ll start there:


Here’s a rundown of everything Becky bought, and all the donations that she earned:


It’s a pretty simple operation: You start by signing up with Goodshop and choosing a non-profit to support. Then, you peruse the Goodshop site for any of their thousands of deals and discounts (you can bet that Becky also saved a lot of money when she made her Costa Rica purchases!). Then, because Goodshop is in partnership with all their merchants, they are able to donate a percentage of your purchase to the non-profit that you registered with.

unnamed (15)

I’m glad you asked! People can often get disheartened because the individual donations for each purchase don’t seem like all that much, but, when taken together, it adds up to quite a lot. And even a small amount, like $90, can stretch pretty far at your local shelter. Goodshop sent us a check for the full $93 a few weeks ago, and when you break down individual medical costs for a cat like me:


From her trip alone, I got a full medical exam and ten of my friends got to have vaccinations! Plus, since it only takes $8 to feed one cat for a week, I also had a full tummy during my entire stay at the shelter.


That’s what is so groovy about Goodshop: the impact that their fundraising has is felt by cats and dogs like me all over the country, every day. And it is such an easy and fun way to be involved in doing good: all you have to do is shop. I like to think of it as a double save of sorts— they help you save money, you help them save the world.

But it isn’t all about cats and dogs. Goodshop is connected with thousands of non-profits all over the world, and the impact they have had spans continents. Since it began, Goodshop has helped people raise nearly 12 million dollars for causes as diverse as education, health, the environment, and poverty.

unnamed (2)
For example, your friend Brad uses his Goodshop account to support Human Rights Watch, while Laura uses her account to support P.S. 18, the school where she teaches.

unnamed (10)

Just imagine if everyone in the whole entire world had a Goodshop account. In the U.S. alone, Americans spend $300 billion in e-commerce per year. If even 3% of that revenue was funneled into the non-profit sector, it would mean a bonus of $90,000,000 every single year— important money needed for these great organizations to be able to continue doing the work we all need them to do. Goodshop started as a crazy idea between two siblings and has grown into a global movement. We’re excited to see how quickly it has picked up speed, and how many people are joyfully hopping on board, in order to help make the world a better place with each purchase. So, if you’re interested, pick a non-profit and join us! We couldn’t be more excited.

P.S. Here’s a video tutorial about how to sign up and make a donation with Goodshop:

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